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IT is invaluable in achieving commercial and social goals. Attempts to gain unlawful access to your information are unfortunately the order of the day.

The ethical hackers of The S-Unit therefore subject organizations to simulated cyber attacks so that vulnerabilities are exposed under safe conditions. The insights and creativity of our professionals are decisive in this, because although many known vulnerabilities can be detected automatically through the use of technology, our experience is only through human ingenuity.

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More than 150 penetration tests per year

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030 2074177

Savannahweg 71, 3542 AW, Utrecht

C. of C. 62085034

Dirk van Veen

Founder of The S-Unit

Dirk van Veen

Founder of The S-Unit


030 2074177

Savannahweg 71, 3542 AW Utrecht

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